General and Medical Liability insurance for New York (NY) Medical Facility.

Nexus Insurance Services provides insurance protection for different types of medical facilities:
Urgent Care Facilities / Emergent Care Centers including Acute Care

Ambulatory Outpatient Surgery Centers including Cosmetic & Lasik

Outpatient Clinics providing Family and General practice medical care

Malpractice Insurance for Anesthesiologist.

Outpatient Clinics / Wellness Centers providing Multi Specialty care such as

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Weight Loss, Alternative and Holistic services

Pain Management Centers

• Physician Contract Staffing Agencies including Locums Tenens services

• Ancillary medical personnel staffing agencies

MedSpas providing Cosmetic services such as Botox, Laser, Mesotherapy

Medical Imaging Facilities including multi-state Teleradiology & Mobile diagnostics

• Medical Labs including Mobile Diagnostics

• Rehabilitation Centers – Occupational, Physical/Trauma, Speech & Substance Abuse

• Treatment Facilities including Dialysis, Fertility, Sleep Study, Cancer, Lithotripsy

• Pharmacies – Retail & Wholesale Operations

• Medical Storage Banks including Blood, Organ, Tissue, Sperm, etc.

• Medical Equipment or Durable Medical Goods dealers

• Medical Products Manufacturers

• Clinical Trials & Clinical Research Organizations

• Ambulance Services including Ground & Air / Emergency & Non-emergency

• Medical Schools

• Medical Billing Agencies (E&O)

In addition to having the Medical Facility / Entity listed as the primary Named Insured, these coverage programs are generally designed to include Professional Liability coverage for the following:

• Medical Director administrative duties*

• All ancillary staff employees and ancillary staff volunteers*

• All ancillary staff who are independent contractors*

• Employed or contracted physicians, surgeons & dentists*

The following insurance coverage options can be provided as well for Miscellaneous Medical Facilities:

• Non-owned Auto and Hired Non-owned Auto *

• Sexual Abuse & Molestation*

*It is important to note that the above aspects of coverage can vary greatly from one insurance company to another. The insurance coverage that is offered is at the discretion of the insurance company and it’s underwriting department. Therefore it is imperative that you analyze the policy form and endorsements of any insurance coverage offer to determine who is covered, what is being covered, what is being excluded and the limits of liability that will apply.

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